Klepsydra 30' Blue
Klepsydra 30' Blue
Marc Newson

Klepsydra 30' Blue

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Edition of 3

Following the iconic Hourglass (2012) Marc Newson has turned his attention to another ancient time instrument and re-interpreted the principles of a ‘water clock’ through the manoeuvring of the original ‘nanoballs’. The new Art piece measures time accurately by controlling the flow of ‘nanoballs’ through a complex mechanism developed entirely in- house.

Each Klepsydra contains over 2.8 million ‘nanoballs’ measuring 0.7mm each, covered with either a fine silver or fine gold coating. Klepsydra is a uniquely crafted Art piece specifically made of mouth-blown and hand-carved crystal, completed with aluminium and stainless-steel components. To complete the design, Marc Newson’s signature is engraved on the rear handle.

The process commences once the nanoballs are scooped by rotating the crystal dome with the help of the rear handle, until the tank lies horizontally. The 12 suspended cups on the glass wheel are alternatively filled and then emptied every 10 seconds. These cups seesaw movement is meticulously orchestrated with infinite precision. 15 revolutions make-up a full 30-minute cycle, with a possible leeway of +/- 3 minutes.

Klepsydra is a new approach to the ancient instrument. Following long millennia of history, Marc Newson’s timer still and only responds to gravity once the nanoballs reserve has been replenished. The weight of the nano- balls is the driving force behind the central mechanism (such as the barrel spring in a watch).

Since each unique Klepsydra instrument is specifically made of crystal, its time accuracy may slightly vary due to different atmospheric conditions.


  • 2019


  • Glass, aluminium, silver-plated nanoballs


    • 35 x 35.7 x 26.2 cm

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